2 comments on “On being afraid

  1. Hi Rob,
    I have traveled many times to high altitude destinations in South America. Every time I arrive in Cusco or Juliaca (near Lake Titicaca) I usually spend the first day in bed with altitude sickness. I tried many remedies, even sucking down pure O2 from a tank, without much relief.
    So last month I tried something new. I asked my doc if I could take Diamox, a prescription drug that acts as a vaso-dilator. I took it for 2 days before flying from 0 elevation to 12,500 ft (in 1.5 hours) and continued for 2 more days. After that I did not take any more. I traveled through Bolivia and in the Uyuni desert jeep trek, we reached 16,000 ft. If the guide had not told me, I would not have realized how high we were. I have to give Diamox, two thumbs up. 4 pills in 4 days was easy. I wish I had tried it sooner. Ask your doc if this is something that might help you with Kili climb. Good luck! Jacquie Whitt

  2. Hey Jacquie, I was good at cusco and I think i will be fine here, i have spent lots of time over 10000 so crossing my fingers, and yeah some cocoa tea and meds if needed…. I have never needed oxy so i am hoping I am fine – but you never know. Thanks for the note

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